Account and Profile

Hover over your name in the top right corner. Click ‘profile’ and change your Email under ‘Personal Information’.

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Advisory board Members

No. only the organising company is able to send invitations. Use the Contact Board leader button if you have a great suggestion for a person to join.

Yes. On the left side of your screen, the section ‘Advisoryboard members’ is available. You can contact other members by pressing the email button next to their name. In the mobile App this function is available in the Menu.


On invitation only, create your MEDboards profile and agree to the terms and conditions to access MEDboards. Alternatively, you can use your MEDtalks.eu profile to login. If applicable, you will have to sign a contract with the organising pharmaceutical company which handles amongst others the fee and expenses. If you are signing up for an educational board, contracts do not apply.

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Please inform your support contact person. Don’t forget to state your name, specify the advisory board and your device / browser.

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