Advisory board Members

No. only the organising company is able to send invitations. Use the Contact Board leader button if you have a great suggestion for a person to join.


It is processed by the organising company.

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Although it is very welcome, it isn’t required to give feedback.

Category: Feedback


Joining advisory boards is on invitation only. Clients that use MEDboards, pharmaceutical and educational companies, are able to send invitations to participants to join their advisory board. If you are interested in joining advisory boards, sign-up to MEDtalks.eu and indicate in My Profile that you are interested in joining advisory boards. If clients are searching for specific health care professionals, MEDboards can connect you.

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An advisory board is an online advisory board for medical professionals. Sharing knowledge and providing advise on new medical developments. Classically a company invites advisors (experts) to a meeting in order to improve their service/product.

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Meeting place

If you have a specific question to the organising company, press ‘contact board leader’. You can type your message and send it.

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