About us

MEDtalks is a cooperation of European agencies based in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain. As experts in medical knowledge transfer and communication, our vision is to strengthen the dialogue between medical experts and pharmaceutical companies. 

With MEDboards, we offer an optimal all-round solution for creating individual advisory boards and digital training programs. They can be tailored easily to the needs of the target group. MEDboards allows the unlimited exchange of experts, no matter if at home, in the hospital or on the road via smartphone application.

The faces behind MEDboards

Utilize digital potential

As a practicing oncologist at OnkoZentrum Zurich, it is my passion to develop and share new scientific knowledge.

Dr. med. Daniel Helbling
CEO Be updated

Simplify expert dialogues smartly

As a communications expert with a background in natural sciences, I strive to utilize digital technology for a successful exchange between medical experts and pharmaceutical companies.

Sabine Reineke
CEO art tempi communications

Bringing medical doctors closer to science

Through my know-how in the production of audiovisual content for medical professionals, I am committed to bringing the latest research results to medical professionals faster.

Rodrigo Huerta
CEO Medistream.tv

Give shape to visions

As a marketing specialist for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, I want to innovate and enhance the medical market.

Robert van der Zwart
CEO MEDtalks Group of Companies

Multiply medical expertise

From my practical experience as a physician specializing in oncology and haematology, I know what constitutes good collaboration between companies and doctors.

PD Dr. med. Jens Ulrich Rüffer
CEO TAKEPART media + science