MEDboards enables you to connect with experts around the world - anytime.

Networking, knowledge transfer and exchange are the ideal prerequisites for remaining innovative. In view of the rapid pace at which new research results are emerging, an intensified exchange of knowledge between companies and experts from research and practice is necessary in order to pave the way for medical innovations and keep knowledge up to date. MEDboards was developed with this goal in mind.


Also available as mobile App.


Flexible networking

Consulting, knowledge transfer and interaction between doctors and companies: MEDboards is the digital all-in-one solution for the creation of medical boards – regardless of temporal and spatial boundaries.


Create knowledge

Experts share the latest study data and knowledge from practice and research. Doctors and companies alike gain valuable insights and benefit from the target-oriented exchange – Knowledgetransfer 4.0.


Bring experts together

In a joint discourse, experts and companies get to the bottom of all relevant questions. The straightforward digital exchange on MEDboards encourages long-term commitment.

Easy management of participants

Invite your experts with just a few clicks, the registration is immediate and with little effort

Purposeful knowledge query

Quick and easy creation of quizzes and interactive knowledge queries


Participate via chat or live video


Create interactive advisory boards with just a few mouse clicks

File support

Support for standard file formats such as PDF and PowerPoint

Cloud function

All contents are always and everywhere accessible to all participants

Digital Adboards

Advise: The Digital Advisory Board Solution


Participate digitally

Experts come together in the digital Meeting Place to exchange ideas. The MEDboards app makes all functions and content available for mobile use. Easy to use and cross-platform.

Overcome boundaries

Doctors are increasingly confronted with time pressure. Internal guidelines make communication more complicated and the willingness to travel declines. Run your advisory or tumor board completely digitally. At home or on the go.

Educational Boards

Educate: Smart digital education

New directions for practice

How do doctors learn about the latest developments in research that change practice? Whether a guideline update or the latest study results: Your digital educational board allows medical knowledge to reach its audience faster and more effectively.

Gain Insights

Medical specialists can immediately brush up on their knowledge at any time and discuss the application of new therapy options based on case studies. Latest scientific literature and case studies are available on MEDboards. The chat feature enables direct exchange.

Quiz & Feedback

Engage: Playful Interaction



The times of one-dimensional communication and knowledge transfer are a thing of the past. But what inspires advisors to make a long-term commitment? Variation and a high level of interactivity will keep your advisors motivated engaged. Because only motivated advisors will fully commit to your board.

The benefits of MEDboards at a glance

Advantages for each user group

For doctors

  • Latest study data and case studies available anytime

  • Simplified exchange with companies and colleagues, long-lasting and sustainable

  • Uncomplicated participation, whether from home or mobile via smartphone application (cross-platform)

  • High-quality expert exchange via chat or live video conference

  • No travel or approval effort

  • On-the-go training with certified learning and training modules

For companies

  • Modular and targeted preparation of individual advisory boards with just a few mouse clicks

  • Easier and faster exchange with experts

  • Increased participation and interaction thanks to intuitive and uncomplicated access to study data

  • Increased quality of exchange

  • Easily create content, provide research data, and retrieve expert feedback and experience

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